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Choosing the Perfect Candle Size to Enhance Your Space

Just as no two candle scents are alike, neither are rooms in which candles are used. Size does matter when trying to properly distribute the amount of candle scent in any room. Start by doing a little bit of measuring and math while also exercising trial and error. This will make choosing the ideal candle size and burn time for a room much easier. But, it’s not so simple that you can just light a larger candle and rely on it to adequately disburse scent in a bigger room. It’s also not correct to assume that a petite candle will be good enough for a significantly smaller room, like a bathroom. In the candle community there's a 8-10 Rule: Place one 8 ounce candle for every 10 ft radius of your room. This ensures that your scent will permeate the entire space equally. A great scent disbursement from a candle comes from the widest opening of its jars. Our three wicked and double wicked tumbler jars, will work well in a large living room/kitchen area. In keeping with those findings, it is fair to say that a smaller candle jar like our jelly jar will work better for medium size rooms, such as a bedroom, while smaller candles like our jumbo tea lights are appropriate for small rooms, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Also keep in mind that office buildings with a lot of traffic, and high ceilings and wide public spaces have their own factors for scent distribution from candles. A wickless option, such as wax melts and reed diffusers may be best in those areas. For living rooms with high vaulted ceilings, it may be necessary to place several smaller candles or one larger candle in the space. As with candle size, there are many variables that affect a candle’s scent disbursement, so keep them in mind when testing a new candle. Also keep in mind that some scents are designed to be soft and light. The room temperature should also be kept constant. A cool room (below 65 degrees F.) will burn much slower, and an 85-degree F. room will have your candle burning faster. Also keep in mind that deciphering room size and environmental factors is, in fact, a science. You’ll find that investigation and research are the proper approach to finding the ideal amount of scent for any area. Lastly, to get the maximum scent from your candle, never place them near air conditioning vents, fans, or in drafty areas.


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